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Lucknow Diaries: Of Love and Longing

Book Name : Lucknow Diaries: Of Love and LongingAuthor : Partha Sarthi Sen SharmaView/Download


A nice fiction about friendship and love, a story about the lovely city of Lucknow, and of course, the state of Indian politics, governance and media.
A simple writing style appealing to every reader and leaving a nice feel good impression.
K Sen

Wonderfully penned tale..Keeps you riveted and you end up rooting for the characters.. Gives a nice insight into the old world charm of Lucknow and the workings in the power corridors..A very good read
Divya Mittal

Beautifully written..a must read!

‘Lucknow Diaries’ is a pot-boiler with all the necessary elements of love, greed, politics and revenge. The plot is new and revolves around the lives of three major characters- Rahul, Feroz and Dinesh. The story is set into motion with the assassination of the young, former prime minister. The religious sentiments are hurt and the blame game is on. Amidst all this chaos, the life of three good friends unfolds.
Conceding to their circumstances, Rahul, Dinesh and Feroz begin treading on paths that looked quite unfamiliar sometime before. While Dinesh follows his father’s footsteps and plunges into diplomacy (politics), Rahul and Feroz, too, enter in a world that has crests and troughs- just enough to turn life topsy-turvy. They become an IAS officer and journalist, respectively.
“Lucknow Diaries” is a page-turner with an engaging plot and some well-crafted characters. However, more attention to the sidekicks would have added the spice to the content. The blurb is so apt and catchy that it forces the reader to browse through the pages and get to know what is happening.

A delightful conglomeration of friendship,love, sibling bond,loyalty,duty,competition and power dynamics.The story traces the lives of three friends from their boyhood till their established adulthood against the backdrop of ancient city Lucknow.With the progress in time and age,the path of three friends diverges leading Dinesh into the hotbed of politics,Rahul in the legal corridors and Feroz trying to find his footing as a wireman. We get a glimpse, how their background, circumstances,work,interpersonal equation and hard hitting truths shaped their lives.
Narrated in a lucid style coupled with strong plot and realistic mature characters,the writing is bound to strike a chord with the readers.Loved the way, the story effortlessly glided from a timeline to another.The author deftly projected the socio-political scenario of a state,internal working of the system,the corridor politics,commercialization and deep-rooted corruption.
While reading the book I often found myself immersed in the charms of lovely ganjs and estates, admiring the sunset standing on the banks of Gomti river and thinking of the delectable items at Moti Mahal and Vintage Machine.The fine writing brought alive the alluring places.
Though it was a engaging story but the climax failed to do full justice to it.I hoped for a better ending.
I would recommend the book to every reader who loves story with a touch of reality.
Sarmistha Bit