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Easy Gas – On line Gas Booking System

Easy Gas – On line Gas Booking System :- EasyGas is a both G2C and B2C application by which consumers can now book their LPG refills through Common Service Centres (CSC). The CSC issues a receipt against each such booking, which entitles the customer to get a home delivery of the cylinder within maximum period of seven days. The software collates the bookings received against the various distribution agencies, and matches it against the stock supplies. It then provides a schedule of delivery of cylinders to the consumer. EasyGas gives a tool to CSC owners to enhance their earnings. Reports generated from the software enable the district administration to review pilferage to commercial consumers, hoarding, and other supply chain inefficiencies.  This system supplements and strengthens the existing delivery channels provided by the department. Different stakeholders e.g. District Supply Office, NIC, District Administration, Oil Companies / Retailers etc. are closely integrated in the system to remove various flaws / malpractices in present system.

As on May’ 2015 approximate 20,00,000 bookings have been made through the system.

Following are salient features EASYGAS system:-

  • Vanishing queues – steep drop in over the counter booking
  • Transparent procedure and adequate supply reduces possibility of black marketing and hoarding. System alert on multiple bookings prevents diversion of domestic gas by commercial consumers. It is a blessing to the average rural consumer otherwise surrounded by touts and uncertainty.
  • As an accounting tool the application enables the district administration/citizen to get accurate information about stock position, supply and deficit of this essential commodity.
  • Cent percent home-delivery for urban consumers within the stipulated time of 7 days and for rural consumers from the pre-identified distribution points
  • It has generated employment for CSC owners and incentivized CSC into a commercially viable enterprise.


For more information please visit http://easygas.lokvanigonda.in

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