Uttar Pradesh IAS Association

Contribution of the Association to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund.

       A call was given to all the members on 28th April, 2015 to contribute at least one day’s salary to Chief Minister’s Relief Fund for helping the families adversely affected by Nature’s vagaries in the form of untimely rains and hail in various parts of the State and the Earthquakes that hit Nepal and Northern India. This step was welcomed by one and all. We got an overwhelming response to the call to contribute. A large number of members of the Association sent their contribution directly to the Relief Fund with the other officials of their District or Department of posting. Even then, we were able to collect a sum of Rs. 6,85,639/- (Rupees Six Lakh Eighty Five Thousand Six Hundred and Thirty Nine Only) sent to us by a record number of 140 Officers. The Association is grateful to all those members. Cheque Number 643953 dated 02.06.2015 was deposited in the “Mukhya Mantri Peedit Sahayata Kosh”. Individual receipts with thanks from the CM office for all the 140 officers have been collected and dispatched individually to all the Officers. This contribution is eligible for Tax Exemption under the rules. The Officers may seek related Tax Benefits. The letter for deposit of the said amount, list of contributing Officers and a copy of the Cheque are annexed herewith.


Letter to C.M. Office List of Contributing Officers. Cheque for CM Relief fund.