Uttar Pradesh IAS Association

About Us

“Uttar Pradesh IAS Association is an organization of serving members of the Indian Administrative Service, allocated to UP cadre. However, the association keeps in touch with the retired IAS officers of the cadre through its various periodical activities. Uttar Pradesh has largest cadre strength as we have highest number of Districts in the country. As our officers are serving in far off areas, there is need for a common platform for intra cadre dialogue.

As Indian Administrative Service is an all India Service, the Association also serves as a link with our brother officers serving the central Government, State Governments and Union Territories and Organizations at National and International Level. There are many issues that affect the All India Service Officers as a whole. The Association serves as a platform for carrying out consultations to sort out such broad issues.

Since the members of the Association are serving at senior levels in their respective places of posting, they interact with people from different walks of life. It is the endeavor of this association to make the views of eminent persons known to its members. The Association is also sensitive to public aspirations about development activities in the State. Activities of the association are, therefore, aimed at achieving the larger objective of providing excellence in Governance.”