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Bal Samwad Adalat – Kamini Ratan Chauhan

In the year 2011 Principal Secretary, DCWD Uttar Pradesh taking the serious note of growing pendency’s of Juveniles cases under the JJB, has taken decision to organize BAL SAMWAD ADALAT’s in the districts similar to the LOK ADALATs. It aimed that this will be helpful in curbing the increase in pendency’s of cases under JJB.

The State Legal Service Authority (SALSA) has convinced with this idea. SALSA has directed all the District Legal Service Authorities to ensure that BAL SAMWAD ADALATs should be organizing on any one of the holiday of the month. It also emphasized that one working day of the month should be dedicated for holding the BAL SAMWAD ADALAT.

The practice is happening in the various districts of the state. Till June 2013 apart from the regular disposing of the cases under the JJB proceedings, a total of 1726 cases have been disposed off through these ADALATs,. .

During the recent held Rashtriya Lok Adalat, 703 cases have been disposed under the BAL SAMWAD ADALATs.

Best Practices under progress within various Government Children & Observation Homes

  1. Motorcycle Repairing Training: Government Children Home, Kanpur in collaboration with ITI Kanpur has organized 270 hours Motorcycle Repairing Training. Through these training 12 children has been trained in this trade. After the successful completion of this training 4 Children have been placed in Bajaj Motorcycle Company and are in way to become self reliant individuals.
  2. Skill Development for self reliance: The Government Children home officials in collaboration with ITI Kanpur are running vocational training in garment trade for inmates of Government Girls and Boys homes. At present 14 girls and 12 boys are undergoing in this training.
  3. Reintegration and home placement of children from Government Children Home: The Government Children Home in collaboration with SATHI –an NGO are running Reintegration and Home placement camps in Children Homes of Lucknow, Varanasi, Deoria , Kanpur and Ghazipur . These camps helps in home placement of the children who are staying in these homes since long and been unable to reunite with their families. The various child friendly processes adopted under these camps helps in creating an enabling environment which paves way for the home placement of children. During last one year, 35 children out of a total 40 who has been selected under the camp been successfully reintegrated back to their families.
  4. Publication of Monthly Newsletter:  The Government Children Home officials from Varanasi have undertaken initiative to publish Monthly Newsletter compiled by the children inmates. This initiative is instrumental in creating a platform through which feelings and experiences of children are captured. The outcome has not only being used as a tool to help children in taking out their creativity and innovation, but also helped in organsing  suitable counseling sessions to address their individual needs emerged through this  excercise.
  5. Vocational Training for Children staying under Government Observation Home, Varanasi:  The Government Boys and Girls Children Home, Varanasi are running various training courses including Cycle Manufacturing, garland making and Greeting card making. The products manufactured by the children were put for the exhibition on Dec 31st, 2013. The incomes received from the selling of the products are deposited in the accounts of the children involved under this training. This initiative has helped in building a greater motivation amongst the children to continue with such efforts.



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