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Good Practices Followed By Women Welfare Department in Uttar Pradesh – Kamini Ratan Chauhan

  1. State government has made provisions so Widow Pension of Rs 300 is now directly transferred into beneficiary account.

    This is an initiative to make the whole process fast and not to involve any in between brokers.

  2. Lokvani centers have been setup so the beneficiary doesn’t have to go far from her location to fill forms regarding specific schemes.

    The beneficiary can fill the form at their own circle/block at their convenience.
    The various forms that can be filled using this are:

    • Widow Pension
    • Legal justice to women in case of dowry
    • Personal relief/help to women in case of dowry
    • Dam Patti Puraskar yojana
    • Help provided to girl of widow pensioner on her marriage
  3. Child tracking website has been launched which helps missing children to get to their native place/home.
  4. Following the Domestic violence act all the DPO’s are nominated as Protection Officers.
  5. Data of all 17, 25,559 widow pensioner has been put online. The whole data can be accessed at the department website (www.mahilakalyan.nic.in).
  6. Child Protection committees have been formed at block and village level.
  7. Training of these CPC members.
  8. Training is provided to JJB, CWC and SJPUs.
  9. RTI is practiced efficiently and details are provided as soon as possible to make the whole departmental process transparent.
  10. All DPO’s are nominated as Dowry Prohibition Officer so Dowry Prohibition act 1961 can be followed efficiently.

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