Uttar Pradesh IAS Association

Video Gallery Archive

The video of dinner and cultural programme hosted by Hon’ble Governor on 14th February, 2015. The Cultural programme being presented in the Rajbhavan in the presence of Hon’ble Governor and Ex-Chief Minister. The officers enthrall the audience with their performances. There is equal measure of poetry, music, dance and humour.

The video of the lunch hosted by the Hon’ble Ex-Chief Minister on 13th February 2015. The gaiety of the officers is self-evident. The foundation stone for Sanskriti School by the Hon’ble Ex-Chief Minister is also a great occasion to celebrate for the officers. The video also covers special moments of the service dinner at MB Club on the evening of 13th February. All the officers sharing the joyous spirit exhibiting the esprit d’ corps of the services. The senior most officers take on the dance floor inspiring others to join in.

The friendly cricket match between Ex-CM XI and IAS XI. The audience is eagerly waiting for the Hon’ble Ex-CM to arrive at the venue and infuse the whole atmosphere with his sportsman spirit.

Rajbhavan dinner and cultural programme, 2014.

The friendly cricket match being played between Ex-CM XI and IAS XI, 2014.