Uttar Pradesh IAS Association


Literary Committee

This committee shall focus on literary discussions and activities. Their main work will relate to exploring of various genres, forms of writing etc which will enrich the writers within members of the IAS association. They may organize events related to literary activities and bring about newsletters, conduct lecture series by persons of imminence, blogs, memoirs etc.

Dr. Umesh Sinha – 1986
Shri Mukesh Kumar Meshram – 1995
Ms. Ministhy S  – 2003
Shri Rigzian Sampheal – 2003
Dr. Roshan Jacob  – 2004
Shri Raghvendra Vikram Singh  – 2005
Ms. Sheetal Verma – 2007
Shri Surya Pal Gangwar – 2009

Legal affairs & Counseling Committee

This committee will guide all members about legal matters related to the service and beyond. This committee will enrich the members of the association about training programs, legal & service matters, rules and regulations etc. It will act as a repository of various judgments, best practice in the legal domain and shall help the officers as and when needed.

Shri Shashi Prakash Goyal – 1989
Shri Himanshu Kumar – 1990
Shri Ashish Kr Goel – 1995
Shri Shri Prakash Singh – 1998
Shri Ranjan Kumar – 2000
Shri Alok Tiwari – 2007

Culture Committee

This committee will focus on culture and organize events relating to promoting culture and tradition. It will promote talent and organize cultural events involving the members.

Dr. Umesh Sinha – 1986
Shri Sanjiv Kumar Mittal – 1987
Shri Rajiv Aggarwal – 1993
Shri Nitishwar Kumar – 1996
Ms. Aparna U – 2001
Ms. Ritu Maheshwari – 2003
Ms. Selva Kumari J – 2006

Sports/Adventure & Hobbies Committee

This committee aims at promoting sports related activities amongst the members of the Association. It shall mainly focuses on outdoor enthusiasts from among the members as well as from other services offering opportunity for organizing events related to sports and adventure.

This club will focuses on enthusiastic members involved in various hobbies. This club will host activities and events of members and non members who enjoy interests as diverse as photography, philately, local history, horticulture, amateur dramatics, bird watching, trekking etc.

Shri Rajeev Kapoor – 1983
Dr. Navneet Kumar Sehgal – 1988
Shri Bhuvnesh Kumar – 1995
Shri Sanjay Prasad – 1995
Shri Subhash Chand Sharma – 1996
Shri Anil Kumar III – 1998
Shri Rajeev Rautela – 2002
Dr. Rupesh Kumar – 2009
Shri Nitish Kumar – 2010

Best Practices and Innovations Committee

Administration provides various challenges and at the same time opportunities for improvement of the system making it more conducive for the citizens. This committee aims at identifying & discussed best practices from members of the community who have created/developed capable institutions, organizations and IT innovations which are better able to initiate, manage and extend transformative development processes.

Shri Net Ram – 1979
Shri Vidya Nand Garg – 1980
Shri Alok Kumar I – 1988
Shri Alok Kumar II – 1993
Ms. Kamini Chauhan Ratan – 1997
Shri Surendra Singh – 2005
Ms. Selva Kumari J – 2006

IT & social media Committee

The medium of communication nowadays is increasingly becoming digital. Social media has emerged as an instant and potent tool for exchanging ideas, thoughts, literature photographs etc. The IT & social media cent shall try to harness this tool for educating communicating & engaging with members in a virtual world. It Shall also manage the UPIAS association website, facebook profile, yahoo groups etc.

Jivesh Nandan – 1987
Shri Shashi Prakash Goyal – 1989
Shri Ranvir Prasad – 2000
Shri Mayur Maheshwari  – 2003
Shri Naveen Kumar G.S. – 2007