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SAVeUS – Saving Accident Victims Effectively Using SMS

SAVeUS – Saving Accident Victims Effectively Using SMS:- Still people witnessing road accidents hesitate to help the victims due to many reasons and avoid getting into this mess. But, timely medical aid to victims can save their lives. SAVeUS is an ICT based system to save lives of road accident victims traveling on any vehicle having some registration number. In case, the vehicle is crashed and passengers are seriously injured, any person who observes the accident, can immediately pass the information of this incidence to emergency contacts nos. of victims. The person has to send a simple SMS to a common service no. giving just vehicle registration no. and location detail. The system takes care of security concerns of potential beneficiaries and also does not disclose identity of the informer. The information is transmitted through SMS to all concerned i.e. health department, police and most importantly to emergency contact no. of vehicle owners.


For more information please visit http://www.missionsaveus.in

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